This is first article in Big Data series. Introduction Sometimes in Data Scientist work we need to perform analysis on CSV files. In this article I want to compare performance of different tools in Real-World Use Case. Described tools include: R (using data.tables library) Python (using Pandas) Spark 2.0 (using Spark SQL) We used Spark […]

16.11.2016 the Job Fair at the University of Warsaw Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics and we couldn’t have missed it. We are pleased with the great interest which attracted many visitors to our stand and with fruitful discussions with the students. We referred to emerging questions with pleasure and thanks to them we know better […]

Last weekend we presented our new product, smartALPR at ArchiDay. It is a system for automatic license plate recognition that can be implemented as a support for multiple solutions, both business and personal. Thanks to smartALPR, automatic opening of gates, gaining access to buildings, directing traffic in car parks, recording the arrival of vehicles and […]

We are pleased to inform you that a programme of regular meetings Lunch2Learn has been launched at our company. The initiative has already raised great interest among our staff. We want L2L meetings to become our common platform for exchanging and expanding knowledge and an opportunity for substantive discussion. Each of the employees can participate […]

At the end of August, our whole company was off having fun in Kawęczyn at the FIELD PROGRAM – SPECE Z NAS on a mini military training ground at GOŚCINIEC WIECHA. Some would have tired out, but not us! There was no shortage of tasks and attractions, and we were divided into teams to be […]

The new academic year has begun. Now is a good time to remember the last year’s event at the University of Warsaw Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics (MIM), of which IIIT was a co-organizer, sponsor and partner. Clang-tidy Code Dojo – Warsaw Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics – On June 7, a meeting […]