On December 13th, a Christmas Eve was taken place in IIIT. Tables were plentifully filled with traditional Christmas Eve dishes such as borscht with dumplings, carp, herring or dumplings. And for dessert, delicious cakes! :). During the Christmas Eve, participants could take part in various types of attractions, such as a design competition or a […]

C++ Group invites for the first meeting in this season! As a speaker our colleague – Piotr Padlewski Piotr will share with us his knowledge, which he got as a participant of conferences Topic: C++ – Cppcon, LLVM dev mtg and Code::dive When?  Wednesday 22 of November 2017, 06:35 PM Where? MIM UW, s. 3180 Duration: […]

The next 3 weeks will be really exciting at IIIT. Table Football IT Premier League Championships at our office have just started. 15 teams will compete to become a champion, and 105 games will be played until the end of July! The teams will consist of two people. The Championships will be based on a […]