C++ Group invites for the first meeting in this season! As a speaker our colleague – Piotr Padlewski Piotr will share with us his knowledge, which he got as a participant of conferences Topic: C++ – Cppcon, LLVM dev mtg and Code::dive When?  Wednesday 22 of November 2017, 06:35 PM Where? MIM UW, s. 3180 Duration: […]

The next Data Science in Practice meeting was held on 01.03.2017 at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. This time it was conducted by Maciej Bryński, practitioner of Big Data solutions and our associate https://www.linkedin.com/in/brynski/ The lecture was the inauguration of a series of hands-on workshops, which will introduce such tools as: Hadoop and Spark and develop […]

On 15-16 November, the largest conference on C++ in eastern Europe was held in Wrocław. During the conference, our colleagues had the pleasure of giving the following presentations: Clang-tidy: write your own linting tool – Jakub Staroń, Piotr Padlewski THINLTO – SCALABLE AND INCREMENTAL LTO – Piotr Padlewski C++ WAT vol 2 – Piotr Padlewski […]

On 3-4 November 2016, a conference on the development of compilers in the LLVM project was held in San Jose, California. The conference is one of the largest annual events in the field of compiler development methods. Our colleague Piotr Padlewski was one of the speakers at the event. He discussed devirtualization in LLVM, that […]

The Polish Speedcubing Championships are the most important event for all Rubik’s Cube aficionados in Poland. This year, this prestigious event was held from the 9th to the 11th of December in Warsaw. During the Championships, the best Polish speedcubers displayed their skills and competed against each other in the historic building of the Faculty […]

Last weekend we presented our new product, smartALPR at ArchiDay. It is a system for automatic license plate recognition that can be implemented as a support for multiple solutions, both business and personal. Thanks to smartALPR, automatic opening of gates, gaining access to buildings, directing traffic in car parks, recording the arrival of vehicles and […]

The new academic year has begun. Now is a good time to remember the last year’s event at the University of Warsaw Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics (MIM), of which IIIT was a co-organizer, sponsor and partner. Clang-tidy Code Dojo – Warsaw Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics – On June 7, a meeting […]