On December 13th, a Christmas Eve was taken place in IIIT. Tables were plentifully filled with traditional Christmas Eve dishes such as borscht with dumplings, carp, herring or dumplings. And for dessert, delicious cakes! :). During the Christmas Eve, participants could take part in various types of attractions, such as a design competition or a […]

The next 3 weeks will be really exciting at IIIT. Table Football IT Premier League Championships at our office have just started. 15 teams will compete to become a champion, and 105 games will be played until the end of July! The teams will consist of two people. The Championships will be based on a […]

Every year, the Non-public Special Care Educational Facility in Brwinów, which is run by the Franciscan Sisters, organises Saint Nicholas’ Day celebrations for those in their care. The children who study or live at the facility write beautiful letters to Father Christmas. IIIT turned the dreams contained in these letters into reality! Our employees took 22 […]

We are pleased to inform you that a programme of regular meetings Lunch2Learn has been launched at our company. The initiative has already raised great interest among our staff. We want L2L meetings to become our common platform for exchanging and expanding knowledge and an opportunity for substantive discussion. Each of the employees can participate […]

At the end of August, our whole company was off having fun in Kawęczyn at the FIELD PROGRAM – SPECE Z NAS on a mini military training ground at GOŚCINIEC WIECHA. Some would have tired out, but not us! There was no shortage of tasks and attractions, and we were divided into teams to be […]